ActivTrades | Unemployment Drops and Interest Rates Likely to Rise

Activ TradesInvestors realise that interest rates play a large part in the return on monies across the investment board.  As interest rates rise, returns grow larger, and the financial sector becomes more and more active with stock trading, which in turn strengthens currencies and broadens the growth of economies. The Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, has said that the interest rates are not likely to rise before the unemployment rate reaches 7%; however the rate has now dropped to 7.7% and that is a decrease from the 7.8% in previous reports, so the outlook is very good that interest rates will soon trend upward. Investing advisors see this as a wonderful event and solicit those potential market players to take the initiative now in order to reap the benefits of the coming growth.

Official figures in the UK show that people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance has fallen to its lowest level since 2009, so this also is a sign of recovery in the job market and the broader economy. Even if many more are working part-time rather than full-time, it is still lessening the burden on the assistance programs needed and monies for support of such claims. Part-time employment is showing positive gains for both men and women and the strength of the pound against the euro and dollar is reflecting the upward trends of employment. Private sector jobs are increasing according to the Prime Minister and the rate of pay has also increased compared to a year ago, even though there has been a loss shown in public sector employment. The chief economist at the British Chambers of Commerce touts that this is a showing of the resilience and flexibility of the labour market and that those qualities are what is driving the recovery of the country. All indicators show economic and investment growth, which for ActivTrades clientele, is a blessing.

Always invest with caution and be certain you understand the intricacies of Forex trading, spread betting, and the commodities markets before placing hard earned capital in any fund. Remember that there will always be risk, but by using educational tools available and proper diligence, investing can be a very rewarding undertaking.

Leveraged products carry a high degree of risk to your capital. ActivTrades PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 434413.


ActivTrades | Trading

The floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange, or any trading house, is known as the “pit”. There are not as many traders on the floor or in the pit as there was previously, but trading still happens. The growth of electronic trading and companies like ActivTrades has cut the need for traders to be physically at the exchange. Traders no longer need to represent investors in person; they can be part of an online brokerage.

ActivtradesEnergy and metal trading are done at a mercantile exchange, while stocks and bonds are traded at the stock exchange; both places need traders and investors in order to function properly. The electronic ability to trade and invest has improved the markets because there is more access available for the average person. No longer is it necessary to travel to a major city like New York or London in order to find a trader or brokerage to handle your funds. Trading has increased, on a smaller scale, but an increase is good because it strengthens the currencies and economies.

Inflation rates drive commodity rates, so with falling inflation in places like the U.S. and the UK, commodity prices will also drop. This will affect the profits made by investors, but as in any market there are ups and downs. There does not seem to be any major changes coming, up or down, according to experts in the commodities market, so a competent brokerage should still be able to make money. Markets work in cyclical ways, so as world economies rebound so do prices of commodities and the like.

Investing in spread betting or general Forex trading is a great way to expand your capital base, but you must be smart about investing your hard earned capital. Use the tools that are available on the website to educate you as to how each market works and which type of trading is available. Be sure your investment is going to be insured against loss due to unforeseen circumstances, however, always understand that there is no return on monies invested recklessly. ActivTrades is insured by Lloyd’s of London, which means that their clients are individually covered up to £500,000 as Excess of FSCS Insurance.

When beginning to invest, take time to understand how the markets work. Learn about the cycles that commodities seem to run in and become familiar with how all the global economies affect one another.

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Leveraged products carry a high degree of risk to your capital. The ActivTrades Excess of FSCS Insurance is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the policy wording.

ActivTrades PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 434413

ActivTrades: Currency Trading

An investor wants to try their hand at currency trading, but there is concern about losing money on fees and charges alone. With ActivTrades, investors can rest assured the money will be put to good use and not wasted on hidden fees and costs.

ActivTradesSpreads are the difference between the bid price and ask price on foreign currency. The spread is determined by the pip, calculation, or percentage in point.

Percentage in point is a common currency exchange rate fluctuation. Most major currencies are priced to four decimal places, and a pip is one unit of that fourth decimal point, or one-hundredth of a cent. Since currency is traded most often in lot sizes of 100,000, a rate change of one pip equals 10 units.

Most target spreads range from 0.8 to two pips or a little bit more for the major currencies. The target spread is 0.8 pips for euro-to-dollar transactions, and it goes up to 1.7 pips for transactions involving New Zealand and United States dollars, or euros and swiss francs.

The target spread goes up for transactions involving minor currencies. For example, a spread of 2.4 pips is the target for British pound/Japanese yen transactions, and it goes up to 5.2 pips for transactions involving the New Zealand and Canadian dollars.

The third level of currency transaction involves exotics. Exotic currency doesn’t mean the currency is beautiful or luxurious to look at. It simply means there may be market or liquidity restrictions on some of these currencies. For that reason, the target spread value can rise as low as 5.5 pips for Australian/New Zealand dollar transactions to as high as 100 pips for currency swaps between the United States dollar and Brazilian real.

Keep in mind this does not mean the real is a bad investment. It just means the market for the Brazilian real isn’t as big as it is for the United States dollar, the euro, the Canadian dollar or other large-market currencies.

There are risks involved with currency trading, especially when it comes to the exotic markets. That is why limit and stop levels are placed into effect with companies like ActivTrades. Limits and stops are set at a minimum of two pips. These levels are the minimum number of pips between the current price and a pending limit or stop order.

Now you know more about the pip system go ahead and take a risk. For further information; get in contact with ActivTrades today.

ActivTrades | Forex trading

ActivTrades is a Forex trading company that specialises in Spread Betting and CFDs. The company offers some of the most innovative trading platforms available and special features such as automated trading, a unique rewards program and 24 hour customer support from trading experts. ActivTrades has been in the trading business since 2001 when the company first opened their headquarters in Switzerland. Since then ActivTrades has managed to become a worldwide leader when it comes to Forex trading. In 2005 the company relocated their headquarters to London, England. This move allowed ActivTrades to provide their many services to customers located all throughout Europe.

ActivTrades offers their customers access to modernized online trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Customers may access these platforms 24 hours a day using their home computer, smart phone or other Wi-Fi enabled device. Clients who have a Classic account may use the MT4 trading platform while Advantage account holders can use the newer MT5 platform.

The investment experts who work for ActivTrades understand the importance of customer satisfaction in the business world. They strive every day to provide optimal customer support and security to each individual who uses their services. All transactions made through ActivTrades are protected by client money insurance policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Most of ActivTrades clients are eligible up to £500,000 worth of protection when funding their accounts or at the point of sale (terms and conditions apply). ActivTrades is the first brokerage company of its kind in the United Kingdom to provide this type of protection to their valued customers. Treating customers with respect is another reason why ActivTrades has been able to rise to the top in such a short amount of time.

Customers who use ActivTrades services are eligible to receive points for each successful transaction. These points may be used to redeem a special gift from the company. This is all part of the Rewards Programme that the investment company provides. No additional information is needed to join the program and customers may start receiving points as soon as they fund their account. Some of the valuable gifts that ActivTrades customers can receive just by doing business with this online trading company include an ACER®  Chromebook, and iPad Retina tablet wit 16 GB of storage space, and a brand new Kindle Fire HD.
Leveraged products are high risk, losses can exceed your initial deposit.

Terms and Conditions apply to the ActivTrades Rewards Programme. The ActivTrades Excess of FSCS Insurance is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the policy wording.

iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. ACER is a trademark of Acer, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

ActivTrades PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, FSA registration number 434413.

ActivTrades – Want to maximise your trading potential?

Trading potential with ActivTrades

Activtrades is a broker, independently based in the financial district, otherwise known as the City of London. It’s ActivTrades mission to maximise all of their clients’ potential by offering competitive prices, innovative tools and cutting edge technology to provide an outstanding level of customer service. ActivTrades primary purpose is to trade in CFD’s, Forex and Spread Betting. They are regulated by the Financial Services Authority and are also registered across the European Union with other national constituents. Along with being affiliated with the FSCS, known as the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, this means clients can ultimately receive protection when investing in member firms. ActivTrades also operates segregated accounts used solely for trading purposes. Providing a diverse selection of trading products, ActivTrades is targeted at investors, both institutional and private. You will be able to use over forty currency pairs to trade in on the Spot Forex market. Using the powerful platforms of MetaTrader 4 and 5, ActivTrades allows you to trade in many forms of commodities alongside indices and this includes silver, gold and oil amongst other assets. As Forex trading is highly competitive, you can get a precise pricing using 5 decimal digits that grows in EURUSD from 0.8 pips and has a maximum available leverage of 1:400. If you want to enhance your level of money management, it’s possible to do this with ActivTrades by trading on microlots and minilots which have a 10p per point minimum stake when it comes to Spread Betting. As all of the ActivTrades execution systems are automated this also means that you’ll receive a fairer deal from your trades as there’s no need for a dealing desk. ActivTrades concentrates on providing a successful service for all its clients which is why they focus on providing a high quality support desk which operates 5 days a week and is available 24 hours a day. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, whether it’s English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, German or Bulgarian – with ActivTrades you’ll receive a quick response to your enquiry.

ActivTrades – Discretionary Foreign exchange Buying and selling systems

A discretionary Foreign exchange trader using ActivTrades is one who doesn’t take advantage of the automatic systems for his or her opportunities. Many experts only advise individuals with many years of experience, as well as an in-depth understanding of technical analysis, to make use of discretionary, instead of automated process buying and selling. A discretionary Foreign exchange trader must have the ability to use their understanding and experience to create good judgement calls regarding such things as when you should enter a trade, in addition to when you should exit. Such traders also need to have comprehensive understanding from the usual chart designs and indications, and really should have the ability to recognise a trend even just in its infancy.

One sector by which discretionary buying and selling happens most frequently is incorporated in the security selection. Although an automatic system allows an investor to test a variety of financial instruments and choose which works best, a discretionary trader will often choose only one and stick to it. They’ll probably base their decision on their own knowledge of the machine, as well as their intuition.

However, even experienced and highly knowledgeable discretionary traders on ActivTrades must bear some things in mind when creating choices about purchasing and selling. The very first is that they have to possess a method in position which supports them to c

ut deficits, if the trade does not operate in their favour. When they do not have this process setup, they’ll soon end up getting financial issues. Less experienced discretionary traders frequently skip this task and discover that they need to quit buying and selling inside the first six weeks. Automated systems have the advantage of getting an end reduction in place that the trader doesn’t even need to consider, but individuals who practice discretionary buying and selling will need to do that themselves, so that as it frequently feels similar to acknowledging fault inside a buying and selling decision, many traders end up too proud to chop their deficits and finish up losing quite a lot of money.

A discretionary buying and selling plan needs to also permit the winning trade to supply probably the most optimal yield. Following a losing streak, many traders believe Activ tradesthat they ought to close out the moment they see they have switched to a profit. The smarter option is to permit the winning trade to develop more profits. A trailing stop could be useful in cases like this. . And because a winning trade should work out as more than the lost trades, the discretionary trader should also have a plan in place which reviews the risk to reward ratio of every trade they make, so as to ensure that the odds are favourable. To summarize, before an investor views using this kind of buying and selling system on ActivTrades, they ought to think about where discretion will have to be worked out along the way, and what type of impact it could cause in their results.

ActivTrades – How to use the reward to risk ratio in Forex to reduce the chance of lost profits

Any kind of trading in the Forex market will involve risk, however there is also the potential to realise a very substantial profit through trading. When getting involved in this type of trading, it’s important to know at all times what the risk-to reward ratio currently is, as this will help you to decide whether you should enter into a trade.
The risk to reward ratio is used by Forex traders to determine how likely it is that they will make a profit in comparison to how likely it is that they will lose. The vast majority of Forex traders will use a 3:1 reward to risk ratio, which means that there the potential to make more than three times what you might lose in the trade. If the trading system which you are using is able to predict winning trades even half of the time, you can gain a profit with this kind of ratio.

If the Forex trading system which you are using has proven itself to be highly accurate, then you can consider lowering your risk to reward ratio. For instance, if you decide to reduce your ratio in trading to 1:1, you will be able to continue to make a profit provided you win on more trades than you have lost on. This lower ratio can be very profitable if the trading system you have in place predicts winners 60 to 85 percent of. To decide on which ratio you should use, you must examine what your systems winning percentage is.

Almost every trader in the Forex market will use a stop loss order at some point; this is a very valuable and easy way to prevent the risk of loss. It consists of ordering the broker to automatically exit you from the trade when the price reaches the threshold which you have given them. After entering into a trade, most traders will get used to adjusting their stop loss order according to the behaviour of the trade, so as to raise the reward to risk ratio, and reduce the chances of a loss. Once the trade has moved to a particular level, you can choose to move the stop loss to a point where you will break even, and as the trade moves further, you can move the stop loss accordingly. This means that you may be able to make a profit, even if there is a reverse in the trend.